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The source code of the ES operating system, currently managed by Esrille Inc., is available under an open source license.

Escudo Web Browser (2010~)

We are developing a new HTML/CSS rendering engine from scratch with Escudo web browser. It is to be used like a window system in today's operating systems in the ES operating system. The rendering engine passes the Acid2 test at this point.

Esidl Web IDL compiler (2008~)

Esidl is a Web IDL⬀ compiler evolved from an IDL compiler developed in the ES operating system. Esidl generates reflection data for invoking C++ code from JavaScript, and vice versa from interface definitions written in Web IDL. In the ES operating system, every system interface has been defined in an IDL. When Web IDL is introduced from W3C, we have switched over to Web IDL to see Web IDL is good enough to be used for actual code generation.

the ES operating system (2004~)

The ES operating system is a pure component, research operating system. It has its own operating system kernel and a TCP/IP protocol stack written from scratch in C++. In the ES operating system, every system API is defined in Web IDL, and can be invoked from JavaScript directly; system software tools such as a command line shell is written in JavaScript. We have also ported Squeak⬀ to the ES operating system, and you can run eToys to learn programming.

The ES operating system running on an X86 PC in 2007. The entire system is stored in a CF card.

The ES operating system project was originally started at Nintendo, and accepted in Google Summer of Code 2008⬀, 2009⬀. Escudo web broswer and esidl Web IDL compiler are subprojects of the ES operating system.