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NISSE revision 6

May 7, 2020

Esrille updated the USB controller board of NISSE to revision 6 with PIC18F47J53 MCU. PIC18F47J53 provides more code space for the future firmware update.

NISSE USB Controller Board (Rev. 6)
NISSE USB Controller Board (revision 6)

All orders will be shipped with the revision 6 controller board from today.

For customers who already have NISSE

If your NISSE is revision 5, you can order a revision 6 controller board at US$25.00, excluding international shipping and handling costs. Please contact us by email or leave the comment in your Order Request Form for the upgrade.

The revision number of your NISSE can be checked by [FN]-[F1].

Firmware Update

May 7, 2020

New firmware is available from Downloads:

NISSE Revision Firmware Version
Rev. 6 1.05
Rev. 1 to 5 0.23

Changes to the previous version:

NISSE with 17.5 mm key-spacing

June 5, 2015

NISSE (Size M) is in front of NISSE (Size L).
NISSE (Size M) is in front of NISSE (Size L).

We have started taking orders for Esrille New Keyboard − NISSE with 17.5 mm key-spacing (Size M), in addition to the NISSE with the standard 18.8 mm key-spacing (Size L). Esrille New Keyboard − NISSE (Size M) provides even better usability for users with smaller hands.

Backgrounds: The size of hands varies considerably from person to person. Keyboards makers have been expected to release keyboards in multiple sizes for a long time without based on the "one-size-fits-all" mentality. Esrille New Keyboard − NISSE has been designed to provide better usability for touch-typists. The aluminum enclosure is designed to let you rest your forearms on the work surface while typing following the ergonomic recommendations.