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QWERTY(US) Key Layout of NISSE
QWERTY(US) Key Layout of NISSE

In Esrille New Keyboard − NISSE, several standard key switches, such as the cursor keys, are omitted. Those missing keys can be activated using the [FN] key combinations without moving your hands off the home position. The following table shows the basic [FN] key combinations.

Key Combination Activated Key
[FN]+[I] [↑]
[FN]+[J] [←]
[FN]+[K] [↓]
[FN]+[L] [→]
[FN]+[H] [HOME]
[FN]+[L] [END]
[FN]+[E] [PAGE UP]

[FN] Layer Layout

The [FN] key combinations are mapped to various keys and key combinations as illustrated below:

FN Layer Layout
[FN] Layer Layout

Note you can still use [SHIFT], [CTRL], and other modifier keys while using the [FN] keys.

NISSE can be configured as you like by pressing one of [F1] to [F9] keys with a [FN] key. For more information, please refer to Settings.

10-key Emulation

When the Num lock LED is turned on by pressing FN-' (Num lock), the right-hand side of the keyboard emulates a 10-key keypad as illustrated below:

10-key Emulation
10-key Emulation

Pressing the [CALC] key will launch the calculator application, if your operating system supports the calculator key (USB key code 0xFB).

Note: The above 10-key emulation layout is used by the firmware version 1.09 and later or 0.27 and later.