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The Esrille New Keyboard − NISSE

English (United States) Key Layouts

Esrille New Keyboard − NISSE supports the following three English (United States) key layouts.


QWERTY is the most common layout used in the United States.
Differences between the standard US keyboard and NISSE:
  • [{ and ]} keys are moved to the left side.
  • ESC, TAB, ENTER, and MENU keys are moved to the center area.
  • BACKSPACE key is moved to the thumb area.
  • Several standard keys, such as the cursor keys, are omitted. Those keys can be activated through the FN key combinations.
Positions of SHIFT keys, CTRL keys, and other modifier keys are configurable. For more information, please refer to Modifier Key layouts.

Dvorak Layout

Dvorak simplified keyboard layout is also a very widely supported English keyboard layout.
Dvorak Layout Dvorak Layout

Colemak Layout

Colemak Keyboard Layout is a new English layout, published in 2006. Colemak is designed to be easier to swich from QWERTY than Dvorak, and yet it is efficient for touch typing in English.
Colemak Layout Colemak Layout
Colemak is said to be the third most popular keyboard layout for typing in English.