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The Esrille New Keyboard − NISSE


Firmware Downloads

The NISSE firmware can be updated using HIDBootloader provided by Microchip.
Release dateVersionHEX fileDescription
2017/11/60.22esrille.nisse.0.22.hex Support CX and SX modes in Modifier Key layouts set by FN-F6.
2016/12/170.20esrille.nisse.0.20.hex Fix a minor issue with the Japanese Kana input mode set by FN-F4 (KANA LAYOUT).
2015/2/150.16esrille.nisse.0.16.hex Fix to preserve the FN-F9(PREFIX) led mode setting between power-ons.
2014/12/70.15esrille.nisse.0.15.hex Add the LED mode to FN-F9 (PREFIX) to verify the current prefix shift status with the red and blue LEDs.
2014/11/40.14esrille.nisse.0.14.hex Support the revision 5 keyboards. The revision number of your keyboard can be checked by pressing FN-F1.

The HIDBootloader is included in Microchip Libraries for Applications (MLA). NISSE uses MLA v2013-12-20. The HIDBootloader is a Qt application, and it can be built on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Precompiled binaries for Windows are also included in MLA under C:\microchip\mla\v2013_12_20\apps\usb\device\bootloaders\utilities\bin\win\HIDBootloader.exe.

To update the firmware, please complete the following steps:

  1. Connect the NISSE keyboard to your PC holding the ESC key. The red LED will start blinking to indicate that the keyboard is in the bootloader mode.
  2. Press the [Import Firmware Image] button in the HIDBootloader toolbar, and select the firmware HEX file (esrille.nisse.#.##.hex) to update.
  3. Press the [Erase/Program/Verify Device] button in the HIDBootloader toolbar to start the firmware update.
    While the update is in progress, please do not turn off your PC, or unplug the keyboard from your PC.
  4. Press the [Reset Device] button in the HIDBootloader.
    Verify that the red LED has stopped blinking, and your keyboard is ready to use.

To build the HIDBootloader on Mac or Linux, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download a MLA packaged for your operating system from http://www.microchip.com/pagehandler/en-us/devtools/mla/ ▶.
  2. Download and install Qt5 using the package manager of your operating system or from http://qt-project.org/downloads ▶.
  3. Run Qt Creator (the Qt5 IDE), and select [File]-[Open File or Project] and open the project file for the HIDBootloader stored at mla_v2013_12_20/apps/usb/device/bootloaders/utilities/qt5_src/HIDBootloader.pro.
  4. Select [Build]-[Run] to start the HIDBootloader.

Key Matrix

The following table is the key matrix used in the firmware source code:
C0C1C2C3C4C5 C6C7C8C9C10C11
R0[F2F3F4F5F6 F7F8F9F10F11=
R1`F1 F12\
R2]1 0-
R3CAPS2345 6789'