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The Esrille New Keyboard − NISSE

Modifier Key Layouts

The modifier key layout can be configured by FN-F6.

C Mode

In the C mode, SHIFT keys are thumb keys, and CTRL keys are pinky keys. If you're using Nicola, TRON, or X6004 Japanese layout, this mode should be used.
C mode C Mode

S Mode

In the S mode, CTRL keys are thumb keys, and SHIFT keys are pinky keys. If you use CTRL keys more frequently than SHIFT keys, this mode would be more convenient.
S mode S Mode

CJ Mode

In the CJ mode, you can more easily turn on or off the Japanese IME.
CJ mode CJ Mode

CJ Mac Mode

This mode is a variant of the CJ mode for using with Mac OS X.
CJ Mac mode CJ Mac Mode

CX Mode

In the CX mode, you can turn on and off the Japanese IME by pressing the right FN key and the left FN key alone, respectively. The other modifiers are the same as the C mode.
CX mode CX Mode

Other Mode

SJ mode, SJ Mac mode, and SX mode swap SHIFT and CTRL keys from CJ mode, CJ Mac mode, and CX mode, respectively.